Unsold TOKENS will be automatically burned!

Smoge Up is purely experimental memetoken project. Old-School build up.

Mr Smoge is a bad-ass gangster seal that means business! When he’s not taking a whiff of his cigar at the poker table, he’s making back-door deals with the local mob. Join in his adventures with SMOGE UP token; his favourite chips to use at the table! We do not need a whitepaper clones or something to prove. We have members. Right? Who can we trust? Are you gonna dump us or be with us? All Diamond Holders are trustees.

Open a group/pages etc…  All smoge holders can visit and chitchat ideas. Who is the most badass mobster kings? Up to 30 days … or we open Smoge Tavern (TG CHAT) ourselves.

We wanted to create memetoken and we used Brahma Registry tool for that. Thank you! 

We wanted to launch IDO and we used Unicrypt.Network platform for that. Thank you!

Key Links:

Presale Link: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0x3Bfdd712232d52c6459e5A2674CdCCC558148Dd8

   ● Network: Binance Smart Chain
   ● Contribution Limits: Minimum 0.1 BNB, Maximum 5 BNB
   ● Presale Cap: 15 BNB Soft Cap, 200 BNB Hard Cap
   ● Presale End: 05/06/2021 at 17:00, or until Hard Cap reached.
   ● Presale Price: 30,000,000,000 SMOGE / per BNB
   ● Listing Price: 27,000,000,000 SMOGE / per BNB

● Token Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x75fd60ecdebd229db4898001b1f43944a791fbe5
   ● Max Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 SMOGE

This is gonna be a Open Source community project.

We are opening social links here. If you want to be admin and a trusted member then create any social group or page and send the link to info@smogeup.com – If this group/page have little activity and have good vibes we will post links here. This is tottaly experimental project and Smoge Up (SMOG) is the project token that is freely tradable.

Roadmap Ideas

We want to see Social Group and Pages made by people. It is free to open any group or activity. Everything is good for this project, so feel free to write us with your work. After we open social pages and upgrade website within time, we also have merch, nft, meme, hypearmy and another ideas of making this project sustainable. No probs! Work for it! Trade as you want. We are nothing to control what is happening on market! Its all on you!

All unsold SMOG tokens from IDO softcap is burned

After successful Softcap (15BNB) we reach hardcap period. All unsold tokens will be automatically burned. All other free tokens available will be rewarded for community starters! We are all owners! 

Do you have it in you? Lets experiment this together! Love this oldschool vibes! Let us know about your created fanpages and groups et cetera… Use it as your own because it is. Sometimes we throw chips for fun.